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We are the Earthians

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

We are the Earthians

What an incredible time to be alive! We are on Earth in our human bodies at the perfect time to make history.

Universal truths often are so simple we miss them. The Earth is shifting dimensions and will do so whether we as humans go with her or not. The key to understanding what is coming is to know that our magnificent Earth is the one leading and releasing the energy for change. The Earth is shifting, evolving and vibrating faster and since we reside on the planet, we are too. The Earth energy is literally from the ground up, base chakra up, pushing our issues to awareness to be released so we too can start shifting, evolving and vibrating in sync with our Mother Earth.

In our limited human minds we have discounted the Earth as the key to the changes coming. The Earth should be revered as a vital piece in our evolution. Many of the beings here are aware of their multi-dimensional experiences but forget that they are here fully in the body to fulfill their purpose in this transition on the Earth.

I see energy flowing onto the surface not only from the Earth but from the many portals opening up to send the Earth what it needs for this process. It flows on the surface in a beautiful mist. As it grows in strength, it will be lifting the dense mass consciousness little by little. As it lifts this denseness, a new higher vibrating consciousness will come into existence. The interesting thing is that this movement is from the surface up and will eventually lift off and move out the denser mass consciousness energy. We will be co-creating with the Earth all the possibilities for our new existence.

As this mist supports and stimulates the shifting, there will be pockets of this new dimension available to support those that are ready to shift to the new. There will be communities and areas around the Earth that people will be attracted to and they do not know why. As we connect fully with the Earth energies and start the change, the band of energy on the surface will grow and expand further lifting the denser consciousness.

This is happening now. The trees are literally humming with the new vibrations. The time is here now. The dimensional doorways, the help, the openings have begun. The new is waiting for us to recognize and join in. Your inner voice is pushing you to make changes and it is time to listen and reach out for help in the process if needed.

We are to become and claim ourselves to be Earthians, the inhabitants of Earth. All beings on Earth are Earthians. There is no distinction of race, color, country, religion in this title. It is time to move out of the denseness and embrace that we are all Earthians here to make human history together. Partner with the Earth, honor the Earth, connect and send unconditional love to the very heart of the Earth. Give thanks for your very life to the Earth. We are the seeds of a great union of Earth and the Divine Spark ready to make a giant leap while still in form! The Future will tell our story and we are the ones creating the tale. This is a great time to be alive! Let’s do this!

We are who we have been waiting for: The Earthians.

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