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Harmony of Thoughts

Harmony of Thoughts

The weaving of your dreams begins with a thought. Harmony of thought weaves creation.

This month is time to watch where your thoughts are focused. Focus on what you want and hold that vision. If you continually have thoughts of what you do not want that will be what you create.

Learning to catch yourself when you go in the spiral of negativity is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Catch yourself and then reverse the thought into a mind/heart vision of what you want instead.

When the mind and the heart are both on the same page, the message goes out loud and clear and you begin attracting what it is you want.

For example, let’s say that your car is on its last miles. Get a clear picture of the car you would love to own to replace it. As you picture this new car, start imagining what it would feel like to slip behind the wheel, feel what that feels like to look out the window of this car, smell it and marvel at all of its bells and whistles. Imagine cranking up the music as you take a road trip. Keep adding to your imagination until you can actually feel driving this new car. Feel the joy, the freedom and engage your heart in how wonderful and natural it is to own this car. In this joyful state, give the deepest gratitude as if it is already yours and you are giving thanks for it!

When the head and heart are together in your dreams you will start attracting that energy to you. Use this exercise to shift the constant negative thoughts to one of positive, empowering thoughts.

Your life is like a giant weaving, created by billions of thoughts that run through your brain every day. As thoughts go through your brain, they crisscross back and forth, weaving the web of your reality.

Choose what you want to create and then harmonize your thoughts to weave it into reality.

Janet Eileene

Intuitive Life Consultant

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