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Feeling drained a lot of the time? Are there certain people or places that leave you like the energy is draining out of you? Well that is usually due to energetic cords that run between you and the people or place. The good news is, it is fairly easy to clear. The process below can cut those cords that hook you together and remove the hooks from your energy field so they are not easy for them to be re-hooked.

First be sure to be sitting comfortably with as few distractions as possible. Close your eyes and take several deep belly breaths to focus yourself. See roots growing out of the bottom of your feet and let them seek out the very center of the iron crystal core of the Earth and wrap around it.

Next see roots coming out of your shoulders and top of the head and reaching up and out towards the beautiful sun, moon and beyond. Have them look like ribbons that are floating and waving in the cosmic energy.

Concentrate on your beautiful heart and picture the energy of the heart expanding out to encompass your whole body and your entire energy field. You have created a beautiful bubble in which to do the unhooking. Set the intent of disconnecting, cutting any cords of energy that people have hooked into your core or that you have hooked into others. Remember no one, not even children need your energy to survive nor do you need to be hooked to their energy. We are all powerful beings and have all the power and energy we need within us.

Picture a cylinder shaped cutting block coming down around that beautiful bubble from top to bottom and one that everything gets cut as it comes down in one fell swoop. It also crosses over the top of the head and the bottom of the feet. Take several deep breaths.

Send the cords that are cut back to the owners. Then we will focus on where all of those cords, implants, hooks were cut and follow them to where they were hooked in.

I would like for you to now step inside your sacred place of healing. It can be anything that comes to mind for you. It can be a beautiful protected room, meadow, mountain, cave, or any place of your choosing. Here there are healers waiting to help you find and release all of the hook in devices within. Imagine they are literally falling out and you can hear them hitting the floor around your feet. They will be transmuted as they hit the floor.

The healers in this space will make sure that all of the hooks are removed and your visualization of scanning your body to help them makes the process perfect. See a beautiful light filled gel filling all of the spaces where these hooks were hooked in to you and now no longer exist. It is cooling, healing, filled with light and love to soothe and restore your energy field.

The Earth beings, which look similar to fairies to me, come in now with their healing etheric tuning forks and proceed to touch the places of where all the hooks resided to restore the pathways to balance and strength. The feeling of lightness should be returning. Let’s run the light of a thousand suns which is coming from your soul star, down through the top of your head all the way down to the core of the Earth and then back up to form a complete loop. This light will restore and start to move your energy in a connected aligned pattern.

Step out of the healing space when you are ready. Breathe deeply for three deep breathes and slowly open your eyes.

Remember to use this technique when you start to feel drained. You will immediately start to feel the shift. Sometimes you meet people and feel the drain start to happen right away. Bring the chopping block down and place up a mirror on the outside of it. They will then not be able to hook in. People see your beautiful energy and subconsciously want it. They do not realize that this beautiful energy also resides within them and they have unlimited access to their own if they would but seek it. Please remember no one NEEDS to take your energy nor do you need theirs.

Relationship cords can be cut this way but there is a more powerful one to cut the cords of a toxic relationship so it can heal and free you to interact differently.

If you would like help in this process of unhooking hooks or cutting cords please e-mail me to request a session.

In Loving Light until next time.

Janet Eileene

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