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"I highly recommend Janet as both a healer and intuitive reader. I have had her chakra healing sessions several times and they completely changed my energy by clearing out all the old that needed to go in order for a new foundation to be built energetically. She has helped me with inner child work, higher self work, soul contracts, and has been able to help with a lot of other more unique clearings/healings that needed to be worked on that for that specific session including galactic, dimensional, and past life things. Most healers would not have had the ability to see or help with what I needed. She has been doing advanced spiritual work for a long time, but is tapped into the energies happening and changing NOW so she can utilize new energies and methods as they become available at this time. There are many techniques she has available to teach others from her years of experience that are very powerful. " - Matthew.

 Introducing Janet Eileene

my friend, my mentor, my sister 


Those of you who know my story, hear me talk about my "mentor". I call her that because she has and is a true guide for me as I have navigated my spiritual journey over the past 20+ years. Janet has been there for me in times of dire need. She helped me pick myself up off the earth, dust off my crown and taught me the truth behind living as my authentic self. 

Janet spent years working with me, teaching me, sharing with me. For the past 10 years, she has not worked with the public in offering her gifts. She has only spent time in deep session with a very private clientele. I have been fortunate to be one of those to indulge in her offerings.  She has immersed herself in deep study of the energies of the Earth and is now emerging to share on a greater scale. 

Janet Eileene was the first person to introduce me to the energy body, energy work and deep meditations and visualizations. She shared with me affirmations and how they affect our highest self. She taught me about my highest self. And now her work is so much deeper.   Jolie C.

I have worked with Janet numerous times. That in and of itself says a lot. It is a rare occurrence for me to enjoy someone's energy enough to continually work with them. I also can't express how nice it is to actually be able to feel someone connect with me in distant energy work. Yet all of her wonderfulness can't even begin to explain the life changing impact of her Chakra Revitalizing Session.


I say the flowing to fully emphasis the magnitude of this session. I am a Spiritualist Reverend and I run my own spiritual business. I have NEVER experienced such a life changing event as I did during the Revitalizing. On every level; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I have reached new heights. I have never been more clear, connected, and at peace than I have since the Revitalizing. I can feel the changes in me reaching all through my many lives and timelines.


If there was ever a service I'd recommend to anyone interested and to all my own clients it is absolutely the Chakra Revitalizing!  Heather

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